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Q: Since the July '08 transition (from our former licensees in Texas back to us here in Oregon), have the colors changed?

A: We can match most of the colors closely. Our current color boards (available now) will serve as the new color standard going forward.

Q: Will you introduce any new colors?

A: Yes, we've come up with several beautiful new glazes; they are on our new color boards. (Dealers, order your new color boards today.)

Q: I'm a tile contractor (or designer, or architect, or homeowner/builder). May I buy direct from you?

A: Thanks for your interest in our tile, but the answer is no. You may buy our tile ONLY through our established showrooms across the country. We appreciate our dealers displaying our line for you to see and touch, educating you about handmade tile, helping you with any questions or design needs you may have, and managing the business transaction with you. Some of our dealers have been with us since 1995; we appreciate the value added that they provide, and trust you will too.

Q: I'm a tile showroom owner. May I become a Fine Art Tileworks™ dealer?

A: We welcome all such inquiries.

Q: Why
do you change your standard glaze colors from time to time?

A: There are many reasons:
—Key ingredients may get "mined out" and become unavailable. Glazes are much different than paints; they achieve their coloration due to chemical bonds formed at around 2000 degrees. Even slight variations in chemical composition can change the resulting color.
—Trending. We may add new colors to satisfy emerging color trends. Likewise, we may discontinue colors when demand for them falls off.
—Manufacturer discontinues making a glaze, or we can no longer source a raw material we need to make our own.
—Technical difficulties; such as inconsistency from batch to batch from a supplier.
—If we keep getting requests for certain colors, we develop them, test them, and add them to our lineup.

Q: Can you do custom color matching?

A: Send us a sample and we will let you know if we think we can match it or not. If so, we will advise you of the estimated additional lead time (for test firings), and glaze matching upcharge.

Q: Why do some of your tiles have "Fine Art Tileworks" stamped on the back, and others have "Fine Art Tile"?

A: For a period of years, we unfortunately trusted someone else to manage our URL registration. They failed to renew the URL "finearttile.com" and the "internet pirates" nabbed it! We were incredulous at their incompetence! But rather than litigate, we moved on, and changed our name to Fine Art Tileworks as it remains today. Tiles stamped "Fine Art Tile" were pressed between 1995 and July 2008. All tiles pressed after July 2008 are stamped "Fine Art Tileworks" on the back. Pre-2008 dealers can help us by referring to us as Fine Art Tileworks instead of Fine Art Tile, so people can find us online.

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