How to use our PORTFOLIO DESIGNS for your project

The Portfolio Designs are intended to help you visualize some of the countless ways our 300+ tile designs can be combined to achieve just the look and feel you're after...from Old World to Modern.

Maybe you like the general layout of our Portfolio Design # 118 but wish to substitute any of our dozens of trims for the Beetlemania shown. You could change to any color combination you wish, choose any 2x2 image tiles you wish, or substitute any combination of Texture or Field Tiles for the Ferns Texture shown.

For example, you could use our Streamliners at the top and alternate Fly-A and Fly-B for the 2x2's, in Terra Cotta and Chestnut glaze colors, and switch the Ferns to our Vine Maple or Rattan Texture.

Note that many of the Portfolio Designs can be used 'on point' (rotated 45 degrees).

Designs may be combined, repeated, inset* into surrounding Field or Texture Tiles, continued around a room, expanded or otherwise modified to fit your project.

*Have you seen handmade tile installations where some of the tiles are machine-cut at the jobsite with a tile saw?!? The resulting harsh lines can be distracting to say the least. We can help you vastly improve the appearance of your installation by making these custom cuts in wet clay and overglazing the edges to match the rest of the job. (Reference the mitered corners on Design No. 112 or the custom-clipped field tiles and triangular tiles on Design No. 115.)

Check with your Fine Art Tileworks dealer to see if substitutions might affect pricing (for example the Streamliners cost more than the Beetlemania trims).


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