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“Makers of exquisite, handmade relief tile.”

Every tile is pressed by hand—and glazed by hand—made to order just for you.

Over 300 designs and dozens of glaze colors to choose from.

Hand-sculpted original designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Founded in 1995 by artist couple Steve Eichenberger and Jackie Hurlbert, sold effective September 1, 2014 to their trusted Production Manager and now current owner, Darren Cole-Henry.

Remodeling and Home Design



Fine Art Tileworks  •  l6396 Kimball Street  •  Lake Oswego, OR 97O35  •  5O3.699.646l

All Fine Art Tileworks™ tile designs © Copyright Studio Ten XIII, Inc.  —  Fine Art Tileworks™ is a trademark of Studio Ten XIII, Inc.